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Haus Estate Agency in Cardiff began with Entrepreneurs Jak Bjornstrom and Chris J. Birch coming together to discuss the difficulties with dealing with Estate Agents in South Wales.

Born shortly afterwards; Haus Estate Agency incorporated the best in Interior Design and Home Staging from Multi Award Winning Interior Designer Jak, with the Property Investor Portfolio and Business Consultancy of Chris.

Together, with a small, Family run Team, they have created a Private Client Estate Agency and Property Management Service’ that entirely focuses on the Property Owner or Occupiers Experience and in 2021; Appointed Carina Henriques as the Director for Sales & Lettings after years of Entrepreneurship and a vast Property background.

Haus does not accept every Landlord, Property Investor nor Owner or Tenant. They accept approximately one fifth of Applicants as the focus for the Properties obtained by Haus is entirely quality focused. In essence; if your property doesn’t fit our Standards, it won't be accepted to be Sold or Rented.

Offering an entirely Managed service; Haus gives Landlords and Property Investors a home for their Properties where they will be cared for, nurtured and where a Portfolio is maximised in its potential through a variety of options and needs. Our internal Housekeeping and Maintenance Department provide exceptional 24/7 services as Standard to all of our Managed Properties.

Haus take your mission to grow your Property Portfolio by bringing new Properties to your attention and our Small Team of Experienced Estate Agents in Cardiff will attend Property Auctions on behalf of our Clientele.

The fees and services are respectful and represent value. Our attention to detail and our Experienced Team are the reason for the fees we charge, however with thanks to a rich tapestry of Investors and Landlords already registered and our low comparable overheads, we are approximately 14-25% less than traditional high-street South Wales Estate Agents.

Because of this, we are very popular, however our rules for only Advertising the best possible properties and our ability to effectively manage our Portfolios to their highest levels, we cannot Accept Everyone.

Once you are a Landlord in Wales or Property Investor at Haus, you are very well cared for. We have exceptional Client foresight and offer a personal service unmatched for Property Management in Wales, in the West of the United Kingdom. You are updated and informed on Property progress at regular intervals as well as your Properties receiving the finest of care and attention through routine inspection and a militant approach to maintenance and care.

As a Client, you are given access to the Premier Account which allows you access to discounted services with our chosen Elite Partners.

At Haus; we look after you as Family and your Investment as if it were our own

15 Neptune Court
Cardiff Bay
CF24 5PJ

Pant Wilkin Stables
CF71 7GX

Floor 24
The Shard
London SE1 9SG

1 Boulevard Victor

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Haus Estate Agents in Cardiff are a Multi Award Winning, Family Company. If you are looking for property to let or for sale in Cardiff and South Wales, contact Us. We work to get your Property seen, sold and rented.