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Currency Exchange for HAUS Clients and Partner Agencies

At Haus, it’s always our aim to provide our Clients with exceptional services. From Estate Agency, to Property Management. Even if that’s in France, Spain, Germany or the UK.

As part of that commitment, we provide an unrivalled Expertise in Currency Exchange for our Clients and Partner Agencies buying and selling homes across different Countries.


Fast paced, fintech technology with a human touch. Proactive and focussed totally on your best interests. At Haus Currency Exchange you’ll speak to friendly, professional people, who stay ahead of the curve in technology. Giving you unrivalled solutions and expertise in the Foreign Exchange markets.

Haus Money Exchange is Exclusively supplied by MonetaeFx who use Security platform CurrencyCloud. For the full information, see the base of this page or ask our Representatives.

Savings of up to 85% on Bank

Designated Customer Manager

A secure, regulated Haus account, opened in minutes offers financial control to make your overseas dreams reality. The best market prices through your personal, experienced broker giving you total confidence in your currency purchases and the safest transfer security.


Call our Dedicated Currency Team on (+44) 02920 100742 or Email us below.


Individual ApplicationĀ Form


Corporate Application Form



+44 (0) 29 2010 0742




Payment services for Haus Management A Ltd are provided by The Currency Cloud Limited. Registered in England No. 06323311. Registered Office: The Steward Building 1st Floor, 12 Steward Street London E1 6FQ.

Currency Cloud Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money (FRN: 900199). In the US Currency Cloud operates in partnership with CFSB. CFSB fully owns the bank program and services are provided by The Currency Cloud Inc.